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TransCapital Solutions is a leader in the international Bond Market.

In 2016 we just celebrated 32 years of solid and permanent growth.

Although we provide guarantee and bonding expertise for a large and diversified customer base,

our focus is primarily to the construction, builder/developer and manufacturing industries.

 Our products and services have been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of clients,

including the small entrepreneur on up to the large conglomerate.



As we are expanding, we welcome interested parties, residing in most countries

and territories to join our network of independent agents and brokers.

Countries and territories are available and ready to be assigned to independent agents and brokers.

We provide the training required to all of our representatives.

Independent Agents and Brokers

 Please contact our Sales Department using the following e-mail address:

As a small to medium-size enterprise, you may have viable business plans that need funding,

and for which a loan would be appropriate.

However, you may be unable to obtain a conventional loan because you do

not have assets to offer as security.

The Guarantee helps to overcome this by providing lenders with a guarantee

against default in certain circumstance.

Please contact us with details about the loan you intend to obtain and the value

of the guarantee required by your lender.

The guarantee may cover a part of the value of your loan or the entire amount you borrow.


All of our products are distributed through a network of independent agents and brokers.

We look forward to the opportunity of servicing your bond needs.


Investors, Funding Sources: